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Adoptee Spends Magical First Ever Birthday With Her Birth Mother

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

We first wrote about our client, Josi, and her incredible story of reuniting with her birth mother back in June. (Read Part 1 of Josi's story here!)

Josi and her birth mother, Donna, on Josi's birthday


It's astonishing to think that this mother and daughter duo haven't always been a part of each others' lives. Well, in some ways they have—neither ever stopped thinking about the other for the last 50 years. Now, less than two months into their blossoming relationship, the magical moments just keep on coming.


On the evening of July 29th, I glanced down at my phone to find a text message, which included the photo above, and that read:

"We spent my actual birthday together!! It was AMAZING...THANK YOU!"

It was from Josi, who had celebrated her 51st birthday with her birth mother two days earlier—their first birthday together since the day Josi was born. My eyes welled with tears at the sight of the enormous smiles on their faces. It was as though I could just feel the love and warmth and gratitude pouring out of the photo itself. The thought of how absolutely transformative the last two months has been for Josi and her mother, Donna, very nearly brings me to tears again as I write this. Two beautiful people, apart for more than 50 years, now as close as ever... as if no time had passed at all.

Josi (left) and her birth mother, Donna (right), as young girls


Aside from Josi's birthday lunch, there have been yet more firsts for Josi and Donna recently. One of the biggest was meeting each others' families for the first time, just last week! Josi got her meet her step-father, Donna's husband, Bill, and Donna got to meet Josi's husband, children and grandchildren. The moment Josi easily relished most from that day was getting to sit out on her front porch, all of them together, just talking and laughing. Life really doesn't get much sweeter than that.

Josi also shared with me a few completely amazing childhood photos of her and her mom, like the one above and this side-by-side gem of them looking like actual twins:

Childhood photos of Josi (left) and her birth mother, Donna (right), twinning


And there is another detail Josi shared about her fairytale birthday that still gives me chills. She told me me how a couple weeks before her birthday, Donna had sent her an invitation to take her out for lunch on her birthday at a very specific restaurant. It was a place that Donna had never been to before but that she thought looked cool. Josi texted me a link to the restaurant with this note:

"This is where my [adopted] mom took us for our girls lunch each year until she passed away."

If you're reading this and thinking what I'm thinking, then you're most definitely thinking two things: that nothing is coincidence, and man I hope I look half that good when I turn 51.

Looking at her and Donna together tells me it's probably just "good genes" but hey, a girl can dream!


As for the cosmic timing of it all, here's how Josi put it, in her own words:

"It's crazy how things are so connected to my [adopted] mom/MeMa. Well beyond a coincidence. I know she's playing a part in this. I believe all of this [happening this way] is a sign that MeMa approves and she gave Donna permission to be in my life since she cannot, just like MeMa was in my life when Donna could not be. Ughhhhhhhhh 💜💜💜💜"

This is just one of those stories—right when you think it can't possibly get any better, it does.


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