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  • Why choose
    Although there are many search companies on the Internet, many of them are not licensed investigators. If you hire us, you will have comfort knowing our Founder/CEO is also a licensed private investigator with over 40 years of experience. With a PI license, we have access to a wealth of information unavailable to the competition. In addition, we have a top-notch team of genetic genealogists, some who have been recognized on national news for their accomplishments.
  • Are your services guaranteed?
    Here's our terms of engagement: Should you hire, our services include the search for your biological parent(s) or child. In circumstances where this is not possible, we will attempt to locate their next of kin, which may be your bio aunt/uncle, a sibling, a grandparent, a cousin or a friend who knew the family. If for some reason, we are unable to locate any of these individuals based on the information you provided, we will request that you take an Ancestry DNA test (if you have not already taken one). The fee for the Ancestry DNA kit is to be paid by the client; however, included in our fee, we will review and analyze your DNA results and attempt to reach out to your DNA matches. We require that you do not reach out on your own, which would violate our terms of engagement. Should further DNA testing be required to solve the case, client will incur those costs, not Furthermore, client agrees to have their DNA uploaded to other DNA sites in order to solve their case. ​ For privacy reasons, if the relative we locate does not want us to provide you with their contact information, we will respect their wishes and act as the liaison between you and them at no additional fee. We cannot guarantee we will find your birth relatives based on the accuracy/inaccuracy of the information you provide, but we will always use our best efforts. Thus, we do not offer refunds. Please note that if we don’t believe we can find your birth relatives, we won’t take your case. The fee for our services are non-negotiable. Again, we cannot guarantee results. By checking the "I agree to the terms of engagement" box on the form page, you not only agree to the terms of this contract, you confirm that you have read and reviewed this contract and that you understand that our fees are non-refundable and that we cannot guarantee results.
  • How long does it take to get the information once payment is rendered?
    There is no predictable timeline. We really cannot predict how long it will take or what unique challenges may pop up along the way when searching for your birth parents. Most cases take about 2-3 months to complete (some much longer if we only rely on DNA results). By the term "complete," that means to identify your birth family, reach out to them and get their contact information in hopes of putting them in contact with you. However, some cases can take only a few weeks to complete if all the pieces come together quickly. Our best advice to you is this: Be prepared for anything and everything. Expect your case will take time. Trust the process (and us!) and try to relax. We're experts for a reason and you're in the best possible hands.
  • What if she/ he doesn’t want to meet me?
    That’s what’s great about hiring us … we will offer the target of your investigation the opportunity to funnel info through us, such as medical/family history, therefore maintaining their own privacy and still allowing you to discover info about your bio family.
  • How do I know the person you found is truly my biological parent?
    If you provide your non-identifying information from the state, then that information should be able to be cross-checked and verified.
  • What if I am still unsure the person you found is my birthparent?
    There are many companies nowadays that provide fast and easy ways to submit your DNA for comparison. DNA is 100% proof, if both parties agree to be tested. We recommend you take an AncestryDNA test.
  • What is non-identifying information or non-ID?
    It is usually 1-5 pages provided by the state of your birth that contains background information about your birth parents, and their immediate family i.e. physical appearance, ages, birthplace, occupation, heritage, some health, and circumstances surrounding your adoption. However, please be warned that sometimes non-ID can be inaccurate of false since it's usually provided by the birth mother, who wants to remain anonymous. Thus, we don't always rely on non-identifying information to solve a case.
  • What if I don’t have my non-identifying information?
    We recommend obtaining your non-ID before you begin your journey. However, in many cases, the adoptive parents are able to provide enough info to begin the search without it. Any little piece of information can help, even if you don't think it may be important.
  • I took a DNA test recently. Will that help?
    DNA is an excellent aid in your search. Finding “DNA cousins” can help us by providing a map to the correct line of biological relatives in your case. This is especially helpful with clients whose birth family has a very common last name or no name at all!
  • Once you find my birthmother and/or birthfather, what next?"
    Once your search is complete and we’ve found your birthparent(s), we will make that cold call for you to relieve you of the awkwardness. Our compassionate, sensitive adoption-reunion specialists have years of experience re-introducing adoptees and birthparents.
  • Free Consultation? What’s that?
    You will initially speak with our investigative consultant Linda Rasmussen, who has more than 2 decades of experience in this field. She will explain our process from start to finish. Linda will tell you what you can expect based on the information you provide. We will also analyze your DNA results in order to determine whether we can take your case and solve it. This part is all for FREE!
  • Is this a database service that just searches through an online database?
    On our team, we have licensed private investigators and genetic genealogists. Therefore, we just don’t run a database search and turn incomplete and unproven information over to you. We confirm whether the person we find is actually the person you are looking for, then we provide you with accurate information.
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