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Although there are many search companies on the Internet, many of them are not licensed investigators. If you hire us you will have peace of mind knowing all of our adoption specialists are also licensed investigators. As a licensed investigator, we have access to a wealth of information unavailable to the competition.

Are your services guaranteed?

Yes. As long as the information you provide us is 100% accurate. If you do not provide the correct spelling of their names or are not sure of their names, then obviously it would be difficult to locate them.

How long does it take to get the information once payment is rendered?

Once payment is received, it takes anywhere between a few days up to a few months to provide you with their contact information. The time it takes to locate them really depends on how much information you provide.

What if she/ he doesn’t want to meet me?

That’s what’s great about hiring us … we will offer the target of your investigation the opportunity to funnel info through us, such as medical/family history, therefore maintaining their own privacy and still allowing you to discover info about your bio family.

How do I know the person you found is truly my biological parent?

If you provide your non-identifying information from the state, then that information should be able to be cross-checked and verified.

What if I am still unsure the person you found is my birthparent?

There are many companies nowadays that provide fast and easy ways to submit your DNA for comparison.

What is non-identifying information or non-ID?

It is usually 1-5 pages provided by the state of your birth that contains background information about your birth parents, and their immediate family i.e. physical appearance, ages, birthplace, occupation, heritage, some health, and circumstances surrounding your adoption.

What if I don’t have my non-identifying information?

We recommend obtaining your non-ID before you begin your journey, however, in many cases, the adoptive parents are able to provide enough info to begin the search without it.

I took a DNA test recently. Will that help?

DNA is an excellent aid in your search. Finding “DNA cousins” can help us by providing a map to the correct line of biological relatives in your case. This is especially helpful with clients whose birth family has a very common last name.

Once you find my birthmother and/or birthfather, what next?

Once your search is complete and we’ve found your birthparent(s), we will make that cold call for you to relieve you of the awkwardness. Our compassionate, sensitive adoption specialists (or investigators) have years of experience re-introducing adoptees and birthparents.

Free Consultation? What’s that?

You will speak with an adoption investigator who will explain our process from start to finish. He or she will tell you what you can expect based on the information you provide.

Is this a database service that just searches through an online database?

We are a professional investigation service, licensed and regulated by the State of California. Therefore, we just don’t run a database search and turn incomplete information over to you. We confirm whether the person we find is actually the person you are looking for, then we provide you with accurate information.

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