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★★★★★"Jay and his team went above and beyond the call of duty. They make it affordable, so that you as a person can have peace of mind along your journey of searching for significance with your past. They are so selfless and always put your best interests at heart. Jay is one of the most kind-hearted, authentic and special people you will ever meet. This experience has been a gift that keeps on giving. He found my birth mom, sister, and aunt who I talk to daily. He treats his cases with such individuality and such tender care, as he knows how sensitive and delicate these cases are. He made my dreams come true and helped answer my prayers. No one does it better than Jay & his team. Thank-you Birth Parent Finder for giving me the most special gift I could have ever received! I cannot wait to print pictures and make a scrapbook of all my memories!" JoAnna - Houston, Texas

★★★★★"I contacted Birthparentfinder to locate my biological mother after my biological father found me via Ancestry.com. Since I had half the puzzle pieces already, I was excited to learn the rest of my family medical history, etc. Jay was extremely loquacious and shared a lot of his own history and reasons for venturing into this field. He quoted me a "flat fee" for finding my biological mother with the adoption records I already possessed.

When conventional investigative methods were unsuccessful, he assigned my case to Julie Dixon Jackson, a person on his team who is a Genetic Genealogist. Within one week, she located my biological mother (and grandmother, aunts and siblings) through the researching and building of genetic trees.

I was amazed because my biological mother didn’t actually submit her own DNA. Genetic Genealogy is a fairly new branch of science that has the amazing capability to locate members of one's biological family, even if they haven't submitted DNA samples.

Most importantly, Julie served as an intermediary and made contact on my behalf. My birth mother initially was reticent to proceed, but thanks to Julie's empathetic and caring nature, she helped my birth mother through the initial shock and we now have a open, friendly and evolving relationship! Because of Julie and Birthparent finder, I was able to fulfill my goal of obtaining my family medical history, and was also able to thank my birth mother and let her know that I was adopted by wonderful parents!

To say that Julie went "above and beyond" simply does not do justice to her passion for this special type of work. Also, she uses the most advanced scientific methods available to help parents and children who have been separated by adoption find what they have been looking for. I wholeheartedly recommend Birthparentfinder to locate one's biological parent(s), especially since Jay is utilizing Julie Dixon Jackson's expertise in the field of genetic genealogy. Thank you!" Tamara

★★★★★"Working with Birthparentfinder.com was a wonderful experience. After searching for my birth mother for over two years and finding some information that may or may not have been right, Jay, the owner, in a matter of 45 minutes was able to not only confirm that I had the right information but he called her for me. His kindness stunned me, he didn't have to take time out of his busy day to call her; because he did that for me, a great burden of uneasy and fear was lifted. I would totally and wholeheartedly recommend using this service to find lost relatives. Thank you Birthparentfinder." Susan - Nebraska.

★★★★★"I am forever grateful to Jay at birthparentfinder.com. He had my sister and I reunited the same day that he received our information. Jay is a blessing from God. He gave me a phone number within one hour. Anyone who needs a miracle in finding your loved one give them a try your life will forever be changed!"
Lynn Miller 


★★★★★ "I hired Diane Hellmer from this agency to find my birth mother. She and her crew worked around the clock on a difficult case, and found my birth-mother and my two half-sisters. I couldn't be happier with the results I got for the money I invested. Diane is the best!" Casey T.

★★★★★ "We reached out to Jay after the Chris Schauble (anchor man searching for his birth family) story ran locally. Even though it was quite a busy time for him with the added publicity, he responded immediately that he thought he could help us locate my husband's birth father. His BF had a fairly common name in a populous area of the country and there were too many of them for us to narrow down with any surety on our own. He even said he thought he'd have confirmation within 24 hrs (which I thought was a bit aggressive, but, ok). And, less than 24 hrs later, he not only had narrowed it down to one likely person, but had also called him, too. 
Jay is down to earth, professional, and is in the business of finding people. The more information you have, the quicker the return, but even without a name, he can produce results. 
As my husband and I are both adoptees of closed adoptions from the 1960s, I've dealt with investigators before and couldn't recommend Jay more highly. And, even though we are in CA, my husband is from NJ and his birth father is from NY and Jay was able to put all the pieces together to point to the right person." 
Victoria K - Altadena, CA 

★★★★★ "After 36 years I am finally at the end of this healing journey and owe much of my new found peace to Jay at Birthparentfinder. From the moment I spoke with him I could feel how impassioned he was about this work. It takes a special person to do this kind of work and there isn't a doubt in my mind that Jay possess the strength, humility and grace that it takes to surmount these types of tasks. We set out on this journey together a couple months ago. He encouraged me to take a DNA test after we ran into some obstacles along the way. After getting my DNA test back, it took Jay 48 hours to find my birth mother. He is diligent and he is thorough. He is practical and rational. He would not stop until he found what we were looking for. There is a fire in him.  He coached me and uplifted me. He normalized this process for me. Jay is an amazing soul. He made me laugh, he made me cry, but most importantly, he helped make me whole. Do not hesitate to call him.  His services are everything that he claims and more. Thank you forever"  Nikole S.


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