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Jay Rosenzweig distinguished achievement award

BirthParentFinder.com is the creation of Jay Rosenzweig, an award-winning California private investigator licensed since 1988. Jay’s expertise has always been focused on locate investigations. In 2006, after receiving numerous requests resulting in adoptees reuniting with their birth parents, Jay created the BirthParentFinder.com website. Since its inception, it’s been recognized as one of the leading national online companies for finding birth parents and biological relatives and reuniting the families.

In 2014, Jay was featured on KTLA News in Los Angeles for his role in successfully searching for Morning News Anchor Chris Schauble's biological mother and the rest of his biological relatives. The light news story received national attention, was nominated for a Los Angeles Area Emmy Award and on January 24th, 2015 it won a Golden Mike Award, which is given out by the Radio and Television News Association of Southern California. In July of 2015, the news story received a SoCal Journalism Award from The Los Angeles Press Club.

In November 2017, Jay was hired by VH1 star Evelyn Lozada to find her grandfather. After others couldn’t find him after years of searching, Jay and his team at Birthparentfinder.com found Evelyn’s grandfather in Puerto Rico within one week. 

On June 26, 2021, Jay received the Distinguished Achievement Award from the California Association of Licensed Investigators. He was recognized for his volunteerism over a long period of time and also for his successes in locating and reuniting biological relatives. Jay has helped thousands of people reunite with their birth families and worked numerous cases pro bono.

Jay and Birthparentfinder.com have been featured on several reality shows and documentaries involving adoptions and adoption reunions. With all the exposure, Birthparentfinder.com has grown into a full staff of investigators, research experts, and genetic genealogists. However, with all the growth, Birthparentfinder.com will always remain a boutique company in which each client will still have the personal attention it takes to be a successful adoption reunion company.


Our Award-Winning Team


Linda Rasmussen is an Investigative Consultant who began her career in 1994. She has helped to reunite thousands of people, and many of them were reunited on national television shows such as dr. Phil, Sally Jessy Raphael, Oprah and The View. Linda has the ability to connect with each client because of her many years

years of work and compassion to understand each client's desire to locate long lost family members.


Izzy Rohr is a Forensic Genealogist specializing in advanced genetic analysis and traditional genealogy research. When she's not reuniting clients with their lost loved ones, Izzy channels her passion for helping others into seeking justice for the victims of violent crimes. Izzy works closely with law enforcement and criminal   years

justice communities across the country to solve often decades-old cold cases, and uses her DNA expertise to generate fresh leads in active criminal investigations. After hours, Izzy is (among other things) a classically-trained pianist, co-ed youth baseball coach, and low-key astrophysics nerd.


Jenna Robertson is a Genetic Genealogist and researcher who did her DNA "for fun" one day and stumbled upon her own status as an NPE/MPE (Non-Paternal Event or Mis-attributed Parentage Event). She solved the mystery and identified her birthfather, then began to help hundreds of others solve their mysteries  pla

using DNA results. Jenna has been researching family history for over 20 years and is co-founder of an anti-bias non-profit in Nevada where she lives with her husband and five children.


Jeanette Yoffe, M.A., M.F.T., earned her Master's in Clinical Psychology and specializes in working with families connected by foster care and adoption. She is the Clinical Director of Yoffe Therapy Inc., a mental health center in Los Angeles providing foster care and adoption. She is also a Court Appointed Reunification     years

Therapist with the Superior Court of Los Angeles. Jeanette is the Founder of Celia Center Inc., a non-profit organization in L.A. which provides support groups, conferences, and special events for all members of the foster care and adoption constellation. Because of Jeanette's life experience as a former foster youth and adoptee in reunion, she can more easily connect and relate to the families she works with.

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