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Jay Rosenzweig distinguished achievement award

Birthparentfinder.com is the creation of Jay Rosenzweig, an award-winning California private investigator. Jay has been licensed for over 30 years and has spent the majority of his career focused on locating people. In 2006, after receiving numerous requests by adoptees resulting in reunification with their families, he started BirthParentFinder.com. Since it's inception, it's been recognized as one of the leading national online companies for finding birth parents and biological relatives.


In 2014, Jay was featured on KTLA News in Los Angeles for his role in the successful identification of Morning News Anchor Chris Schauble's biological mother and family. The news story received national attention, leading it to be nominated for a Los Angeles Area Emmy Award. On January 24th 2015, it won a Golden Mike award, given out by the Radio and Television News Association of Southern California. In July of the same year, the story received a SoCal Journalism award from the Los Angeles Press Club.


Jay has worked on numerous projects over the years for the general public. In 2017. he was hired by VH1 star Evelyn Lozada to find her grandfather. She had made numerous attempts with others to locate him, but Jay and his team at BirthParentFinder.com were successful in just a week. Evelyn's grandfather was found in Puerto Rico.


In June of 2021, Jay received the Distinguished Achievement Award from the California Association of Licensed Investigators. Jay was recognized for his volunteerism over the years and also for his successes in locating and reuniting biological families. Jay has helped thousands of people over the course of his career, working numerous cases pro-bono.


Jay and BirthParentFinder.com's work can be found on numerous reality shows and documentaries nationwide involving adoptions and the subsequent reunions. Over the years, and in part to this exposure, BirthParentFinder.com has grown into a full team of investigators, research experts and genetic genealogists. Despite the immense growth BirthParentFinder.com has seen over the years, they will always remain a boutique company in which each client is just as important as the next.


Our Team

Linda Rasmussen

Linda is an Investigative Consultant who began her career in 1994. She helped reunite thousands of people, and many of them were reunited on national television shows such as Dr. Phil, Sally Jessy Raphael, Oprah and The View. Linda has the compassion to understand each client's desire to locate long lost family members.ears

Misty Gillis


Misty  is a forensic genealogist known for solving cold cases using DNA and has recently been featured in the media with Identifinders International for her work in finding out the identity of Baby Holly's father.  She is tops in her field and works with Birthparentfinder.com finding birth relatives using DNA results.

Jennifer Moniello

Jen has spent the last 25 years learning genealogy and five years ago was able to find her own biological father. She has since helped numerous adoptees and others with unknown parents reconnect with their families. Jen has worked as a doula for the past 22 years and is committed to helping families navigate the sometimes difficult transitions that come with building new relationships. Jen majored in English at Southern Connecticut State University. She is currently taking classes in criminal justice to prepare for a Master's in Investigations with a concentration in Forensic Genealogy. 

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