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Patience Can be a Virtue When Waiting For a Birth Parent to Come Forward

Our client first reached out with interest to find her Birth Mother in late summer of 2020. She had taken a DNA test, and knew few details of her Birth Mother. Like most adoptees, she had a burning desire to learn about health information, and of course seeing pictures would be an added bonus.

After receiving our client's DNA results, we found that her DNA matches could be linked to both of her Birth Mother’s parents, making them our client's maternal grandparents. It was confirmed that they only had one daughter, meaning their daughter was our client's Birth Mother. Along with determining who her Birth Mother was, our team was also able to determine who her Birth Father was. Unfortunately, her Birth Father passed just four weeks before finding him.

After several attempts to make contact with our client's Birth Mother, Birth Parent Finder sent out a letter. Shortly after, the birth mother called and confirmed that she did indeed give birth to a baby on our clients' birth date. She said that no one know about the child, except for her parents and now husband. The Birth Father did not know. The Birth Mom was in shock when [Birth Parent Finder] contacted her. She never once considered that a DNA test would lead her daughter to find her. The Birth Mother spoke with Jenna Robertson, our Genetic Genealogist (assigned to the case), on the phone and shared the most detailed information. She thanked [Jenna] for helping her daughter. She mentioned how she had thought of her daughter often over the years and always wondered if she would someday show up on her doorstep.

Then, silence. Months passed as the Birth Mother took time to process the news and figure out how to navigate this new journey that had presented itself. Finally in December, the Birth Mom reached back to Jenna to let her know that she had written our client a letter.

Our client and her Birth Mom have been in contact and hope to meet soon. Our client and her husband took the time to thank Birth Parent Finder; specifically Jenna, Linda, and Jay, all members of our incredible team who helped solve this case and make this journey a pleasant experience. Her husband wrote "my wife will meet her Birth Mother this year and her 98 year old Grandmother on her Birth Father’s side. [She] is the oldest grandchild on both sides of the family. We are forever grateful to you and your staff.”

What an amazing way to begin the new year, with a whole new family. This was the missing piece to our clients life that she had been yearning to find."

We always tell our clients to have faith and that "patience is a virtue" when waiting for a birth parent to reach out. In this case, faith won!

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