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Birth Parent is known for specializing throughout the United States for finding birth parents, siblings, or adopted children and reuniting them with their birth families. If you are serious about finding your birth family (even if you weren’t adopted), please fill out our form and we will contact you with a flat-rate quote


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Los Angeles man finds birth family
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 DNA connects man to birth father Paul Hatchett
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Birth mother reunion
Finding birth parents during the pandemic
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Birth Parents

We have a team of genealogists working diligently to help put family trees together to solve the mystery surrounding the identity of your birth parents. We have one of the highest success rates in the business!


Adopted Siblings

We can help find your siblings, whether adopted or not. We have located thousands of siblings over the years for our clients, resulting happy/tear-jerking reunions.

Happy Family

Adopted Children

We can search for the son or daughter that was taken from you at birth. Whether they were in foster care, adopted at birth or just missing, we can help find them. We will always use discretion.

*Your Personal Adoption Investigator*
  Searching For Your Birth Family Using Investigative Techniques, AncestryDNA and 23andMe DNA test results.


If you don't have the names of your birth parents, no worries. We have genetic genealogists on our team who can review your DNA results and search for your birth relatives. 

Click here to get started.


Our team is a full staff of investigators, research experts, and genetic genealogists to locate & reunite family members & lost relatives. 

Our Success Rate

Our success rate is one of the highest in our industry. Whether our investigators are executing a birth mother search, birth father search, birth sibling search, birth child search, or any other birth relative search, our services are unrivaled in their success.

Our Promise

Conducting a birth parents search or siblings search is an extensive, sensitive, challenging, and often expensive process. Our fees are very reasonable compared to other companies that do less work for more money. We understand how important it is that you locate your biological relatives. With, you get personal service with the intent for giving you peace of mind or closure.

What Separates Us From The Rest has a celebrated legacy of over two decades of locating and reuniting family members and lost relatives. We have access to data and registries not readily available to the general consumer, non-professional genealogy researchers and search angels.

Regarding Discreet Search

Our clients have the option of determining whether they want their birth parents (once found) knowing that they are looking for them.

Our Experienced Professionals

We know the difficulties that come with bringing the family together. We offer intermediary help to create a smooth reunion.

Full Service

Are you attempting to find missing heirs? Do you need adoption reunion services? Are you yearning for answers to questions about your heritage that can only be found through a legitimate genealogical search? is your most complete, expert solution.


Contact Birth Parent Finder Today!

What People Say About us

" This organization changed my life forever. I have been looking for my birth family my whole life, 36 years. I called other places to see if they could help, money was the first thing they talked about. Not with Birth Parent Finder, they actually asked me questions first… I’m forever grateful and blessed by the owner, Jay and his team… I wish there was a stinger word for thanks. "

- C. Bella


Get answers—call our expert investigators and genealogists today!

(747) 204-4063 or fill out this form

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