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The Case of Locating a Sperm Donor

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Here at we have a general rule that we do not locate anonymous sperm donors. An anonymous sperm donor should always remain anonymous. A sperm donor is not a birth father. A birth father is someone involved with the birth mother at one time. In a sperm donor case, that person is donating his sperm to either make money to support himself or to help women who would like to get pregnant without having to partner with someone in order to conceive. There is no relationship factor with a sperm donor.

We finally broke our rule. This past week we decided to accept one case for this very simple reason: Our client did not know that she was conceived with the help of an anonymous sperm donor. She found out when she was a teenager. Now, years later, our client is a medical doctor with children. She has no information on her paternal side's medical history. The agency that provided sperm donation is no longer in business. Obtaining vital medical history information is critical when going to the doctor to determine if there are any genetic diseases. After careful consideration, our team here at decided we would help this woman. She showed us her Ancestry DNA results and there were close relatives! All we knew about the sperm donor was that he lived in a southern state and was also a medical doctor.

Once research began, the pieces fell into place quite easily. The client was lucky, in that she had strong matches to the lines of her paternal family and they were easy to track through marriage and census records. Once the family was narrowed down, it was easy to see who the donor was, as he was the only medical doctor in a group of siblings.