Terms of Engagement

  • Should you hire Birthparentfinder.com, our services include the search for your biological parent(s) or child. In circumstances where this is not possible, we will attempt to locate their next of kin, which may be your bio aunt/uncle, a sibling, a grandparent, a cousin or a friend who knew the family. If for some reason, we are unable to locate any of these individuals based on the information you provided, we will request that you take an Ancestry DNA test. The fee for the Ancestry DNA kit is to be paid by the client; however, included in our fee, we will review and analyze your DNA results and attempt to reach out to your DNA matches. For privacy reasons, if the relative we locate does not want us to provide you with their contact information, we will respect their wishes and act as the liaison between you and them at no additional fee. We cannot guarantee we will find your birth relatives based on the accuracy/inaccuracy of the information you provide, but we will always use our best efforts. In addition, if we don’t believe we can find your birth relatives, we won’t take your case.

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