Watch The Tender Moment This Adoptee Meets His Half-Sister For The First Time

A video call set up by BirthParentFinder founder, Jay Rosenzweig, shows the sweet moment these half-siblings finally met after a lifetime apart.

On this week's "Finding Family" segment on KTLA's Off The Clock, Jay shows two powerful clips of two half-siblings meeting for the first time.

The half-brother is our client, Chad. He was born in Florida in 1969 and adopted by a loving family. All these years later, Chad decided it was time to find his birth family.

Thanks to an AncestryDNA test and our expertise, both in genetic genealogy and in investigative tactics, Chad finally has answers. But not only that, he had the joy of meeting his sister, Amanda, on a live video call.

On the call, through nonstop smiles, Chad remarks, "It's definitely overwhelming. I mean, I've always wondered... It's probably more overwhelming for Amanda, because I knew what was happening and I knew that I was adopted, and she didn't know anything."

At the end of the call, Jay asked Amanda, "Now that we've found Chad, and we've confirmed he's your half brother: What would you like to say to him?"

To which Amanda replies, "I'm—I'm shocked. I'm excited about the prospect of having a half brother and I'm sorry that it took forty-one years for me to know—"

"—same for me!—" Chad interjects.

Amanda laughs and continues, "—I wish we had all that lost time."

In Chad's own words about the experience of learning the identities of his birth parents and of meeting his half-sister for the first time, he says, "It makes me feel great! It puts the puzzle together for me. It's a nice feeling and I look forward to meeting her in person."

Chad and Amanda are going to get to do just that very soon. In just a couple of weeks, Amanda and her family are traveling to Florida to meet Chad. Later this year, Chad hopes to get up to Rhode Island to reunite with his birth mother. It's such a beautiful story and we just couldn't be happier for this family!

You can watch the whole "Finding Family" clip from KTLA's Off The Clock, here:


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