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Trans Adoptee Tearfully Reunites With His Birth Mother After 47 Year Wait

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His whole life, Marc* had always dreamed of meeting his birth mother. The first step would be to find her—but perhaps the hardest part would be getting the chance to tell her his truth.

*Names have been changed for privacy.


Marc was born in 1974 in Cook County, Illinois, and was adopted shortly after birth by two deeply loving parents.

Despite their many cultural and generational differences, Marc always shared a close bond with both of his adopted parents, but that bond was particularly strong with his mother. It wasn't until she died a few years ago that Marc really began to wonder about his biological origins. He longed to know his birth mother, to know her story, to know their story. He knew the journey wouldn't be easy—but he also knew there wasn't a single thing that had been easy about his life's journey so far. He was ready.