Do I Really Need To Take A DNA Test?

We have thoughts.

We say this a lot here at, but the short answer is... yes. You really, really should take a DNA test! It is the single most powerful tool you can add to your search.

Here's why:

#1: Your information is incomplete and can even sometimes be flat-out false.

As an adoptee, the single most important reason for you to take a DNA test is this.

Let's say you know the names of your birth parents. You may even know their approximate ages, where they were from, perhaps even what they did for a living. It's remarkable just how often we encounter information that is partly—or even entirely—false.

It's crucial to consider the sources of your information. You might think adoption records and other types of "official" documents don't lie. But in reality, people lie on forms all the time. Depending on the generation, a biological parent might even have been able to get away with putting a fake name down on their newborn's birth certificate. Perhaps your birth parents didn't know each other well enough to know many concrete details about each other's lives. Most often memories fade, hearsay gets passed around... So could some of your information be family rumor or at the very least, a best guess? Yes. It happens all the time.

You know what doesn't lie? DNA.

#2: Your have no information whatsoever about your origins.

I can't count the number of times I have worked a case where not a single piece of non-identifying information that was given to me by a client regarding a biological parent matched the person their DNA was pointing me to.

That's not to say that knowing even a few small details about your birth parents can't be enormously helpful. It most definitely can! So when you work with our team, please don't hold back in sharing ever last detail with us, even if you're not completely sure how accurate some of it is. That said, nine times out of ten, I try not to think about non-ID provided by a client while working a case and instead I just focus on the DNA. (Remember, it doesn't lie.) And then at the very end I see if the original information matches what the DNA is showing.

So what if you have zero information on your birth parents? Then quite frankly, DNA is probably going to be your only realistic shot at finding your birth family. It's that simple. Seriously, just do it. You can thank us later!

#3: You want to know not just who you come from, but where you come from.

As the saying goes: You can't know what you don't know.

Knowledge is a powerful thing! Especially when it comes to your unique ancestral heritage. And heritage is a big part of many people's personal identities. So if you've ever wanted to understand more about not just the recent generations in your birth family, but also the more distant ones, then a DNA test is the answer.

When you work with a genetic genealogist to help solve your biological family mystery, typically you will end up with a pretty extensive family tree—far beyond what you would likely expect! So if you've ever looked at yourself in a mirror and wondered where your ancestors came from, just do it: take that DNA test! You have nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain.

We know the prospect of embarking on a journey this big can be daunting. So if you need us, we're excited to take that first step with you.


If you or someone you know needs help finding biological relatives, we can help!

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