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An Angel, A Mother’s Prayer & God’s Grace

Updated: Dec 29, 2020 was tasked with finding the birth family of our client Donna. In 2017, Donna’s birthmother Melverta had passed away, but in her obituary it listed one daughter surviving, named Kellee. It was our goal to find Donna’s sister and reunite them. Ironically, our client Donna didn’t come to us in the usual way. The last eight months have been extremely difficult for her as she had lost her job eight months ago to COVID and has been without support for many years. Her relationship with her adoptive parents was tumultuous and she was put back into foster care at fifteen. Later her adoptive parents would die tragically in a car accident. Donna had been feeling hopeless, alone, and unwanted. She joined an online support group, where she met this “angel”, who felt compassion for her. He knew that she was looking for her birth family, so he searched out and paid for the services of Quite amazing and generous given the fact that he has never even met our client and had only been talking with her for the last two months! Jay Rosenzweig, owner of along with the assistance Mary Branham, started the search for Kellee. When Mary finally heard from Kellee, she shared that she had just told her best friend the day before we connected, that she was sad because many of the people she loved had passed away and that this holiday season was going to be quite difficult. It was then that she told us this incredible story.

When her mother had passed, she was going through her things when she came across a journal. There she found an entry that read…. “Please God watch over my child and forgive me for giving my baby up!”

The women were reunited on a three-way call with Mary, both were overjoyed that they would never be alone in this world again. The most beautiful moment came when Kellee asked if Donna could sing. She shared that their mother was a devout religious woman who loved to sing gospel hymns and her maternal side was where her voice came from. Kellee loved to sing as well, she sang at church and at her mother’s funeral. At that moment Donna started singing a gospel hymn and her voice was beautiful. Then Kellee shared her favorite hymn with Donna, again another beautiful voice. When Kellee finished singing, Donna was so choked up with tears that she could barely get out the words, “you just sang my most favorite hymn”. The sisters truly believe that it was with God’s grace that they were finally reunited!”

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