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2020 Year in Review

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

2020 was a year full of ups and down for many people. There are those who start a new year full of hopes and dreams they are ready to tackle. No one could have prepared for what 2020 dealt us. However, in spite of the pandemic, 2020 had many positives for and many of its clients. In January, was hired by Ashli D. to originally find her birth mother. After receiving her DNA results, we quickly realized that we had found her birth father's side of the family. Within 3 days, Ashli and her birth father were in contact and making plans to meet in person. On February 21st, they met for the first time, and it was as if they had known each other forever. Early in the year when the pandemic first hit, Jay met a man, Michael, in the grocery store and the story was covered by CBS News in Los Angeles. When first speaking, Michael had mentioned he had been longing to find his birth father. Jay took this case, pro bono, and immediately began researching. Jay found out Michael’s father had passed, but Michael had a half brother. Ultimately, this gave Michael closure that he had been looking for since he was thirteen. In March as Covid-19 began to run rampant throughout the country, our client Krystal Myers had one thought kept racing though her mind- "find your father." "Tomorrow isn't promised," she said to herself. "You don't know if he is alive." Krystal’s story went public in the Washington Post shortly after she learned her father was alive and lived less than an hour from her. When she finally spoke to him for the first time, "It was amazing, just to hear his voice," she said. "He accepted me with open arms." In May, ran a pro bono Mother's Day contest. We were able to reunite two women with their birth mothers. One birth mother was homeless and the other was living in Puerto Rico. A lot of exciting things began to happen for our company helping expand our company and reach new audiences who would benefit from the services we offer. partnered with KTLA5 Los Angeles and later created a video podcast with a local news anchor, whose birth family was found 6 years prior. That story featured Jay and and won several news awards. Jay was also featured recently on Melissa Rivers Podcast, as well as landing an interview on Just Jenny on SiriusXM radio. CBS National News picked up a story from our client, Phillip, as he hired our company to find his birth family and where he came from. It wasn't until his child brought home a class project from school and then the pandemic hitting that he decided to begin his search. Phillip took a DNA test and had a match with a mother and an aunt. He was able to meet with his aunt and has hopes to meet his Mother soon. Later in the year, our team was able to reunite an adoptee with her birth father after she was left in a dumpster as a newborn. Jay had a very compelling Zoom interview with her that is published on the Birth Parent Finder YouTube page. In December, we held a pro bono holiday contest and there were three winners. One had a Zoom call meeting with her father and the other two are awaiting DNA confirmation with hopes to be reunited with their families in the future. One of our most exciting stories over the year has been reuniting twins separated at birth. With permission from the parties involved, we are hoping to provide more details on this reunion soon. In 2020 had over 100 successful birth family reunion, and at least one dozen over the Christmas holiday season. We have hired three new members to our team since July. We are looking forward to what 2021 will bring and all of the future reunions.

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