A.L. Chicago

They found my birth mother in a couple hours. Jay, the owner, cares about his clients. His focus was on me and my story not what I needed to pay. All other companies were about money and more money. They are professional and fast! – Allison    

Testimonials #7

“Thank you so much for giving me the necessary information to find my birth father. Although deceased, I now have pictures of him, as well as, closure. But I did gain a half-brother out of this, and we have already bonded with each other! Thanks again, Jay, and I would/will highly recommend your services!!!” Joanne[…]

Testimonials #6

“…I opened Jay’s email on the 16th at about 11:30 am. By noon, we had mad a positive first contact! That is amazing! We drove down to meet my husband’s birth mom and one of my husband’s brothers yesterday. It was really exciting to watch as my husband finally meet his birth mom! We were[…]

Testimonial #5

“I want to thank you for your help with gathering the information regarding my biological father. My biological father and I are in communication with one another and started a father/son relationship. This would not have happened if I did not first contacted you and hired you for your expertise. Thank you again. And you[…]

Testimonial #4

“My half-sister and I had lost touch with each other several years ago, and the last time I checked she had moved with no known address, and nobody knew where she went. The last time I knew, she had lived in California. I live outside the state of California, making it difficult to check on[…]

Testimonial #3

“I am truly amazed at your services, frankly! The short amount of time it took you blew my mind, as well as your care about my need. I am so very thankful, you have changed at least two peoples lives (my adopted daughter and her birth mother) so far, for the better, as they were[…]

Testimonial #2

” I want to thank you for helping me find my birth father after 27 years. I had been searching on-line thru these different people search websites, I spent long days and nights and never got any results. I finally knew I had to call a professional to do the search for me. I emailed[…]

Testimonial #1

” I hired J R to find my birth mother and within 1 day, he had located her and her son, and made phone contact. I followed up a couple weeks with an email to the son and have begun to unravel a 50-year journey back to my beginnings. I couldn’t be more amazed and[…]